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4x Pack - Stealth - 90mm, 7g, diving/suspending, 2m

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Stealth - True to is name, the stealth minnow is a slimline lure with a deeper diving bib, allowing it to be worked to a depth of 2.5m.The most effective way is with an aggressive retrieve and twitch with a holding pause this will give the stealth minnow its most vulnerable position to a fish on the lurk. Allowing for it working successfully on most estuary species! The stealth minnow has proven victim to many estuary species such as Barra, Jack, Bream, Flathead, Threadfin, Bass and many others. The Stealth minnow is 90mm, 7g with 2 x VMC Hooks. Versatility of both a salt and fresh water minnow

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